Some Green Living Ideas

New Jersey homeowners who want to live more sustainably have many options: conserving water, using energy efficient appliances and using renewable energy are all good ways to start going green. As a bonus, viewed from a financial perspective most green alternatives are less expensive to run than the traditional devices that they replace. Installation of some facilities like solar panels may attract state and federal subsidies, and installing solar powered intruder lights may be considered by an insurer to be a security enhancement. Homes with good quality security features may qualify the householder for reduced New Jersey homeowners insurance premiums.

Here are a few of the ways you can make a difference to the amount of energy your household consumes.

  • Install solar outdoor lights – solar lighting uses electricity generated during hours of sunlight and stored in a battery ready for use after sundown.
  • Use energy efficient light fittings such as low wattage compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Conserve water when washing dishes.
  • Choose energy efficient Energy Star appliances when replacing electrical equipment.
  • Avoid using clothes dryers in warm weather. Dry clothes naturally in the fresh air and sunshine.

Going green doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” thing: starting to conserve water and electricity are steps in the right direction and are infinitely preferable to doing nothing. Don’t forget to speak to your agent or insurer about New Jersey homeowners insurance products that may interest the environmentally conscious home owner.