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Wedding Insurance | Bogle Agency Insurance

Did you know the average cost of a wedding was over $25,000 in 2017! That’s more than the average cost of a used car! However, only one of those mentioned is commonly insured. Bogle Agency Insurance is proud to announce our newest insurance product available today – Wedding Insurance. Spending any large amount of money is not easy. However, it helps to know you are covered in the event of an accident, cancellation or any other incident that could affect the outcome of one of the biggest day of your life!


What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Weddings, like other major events, have many ‘moving parts’ if you will. From the transportation of your guests to food delivery and even location set-up – your wedding relies on many different companies and people to make sure your day is as perfect as you planned. However, as we all know, not everything can go right! Wedding insurance protects your event by covering various incidents that can happen throughout the day such as:

  • Lost Deposits
  • Wedding Attire Damage
  • Damaged or Lost Wedding Rings
  • Unexpected Unemployment
  • Liability Coverage For The Venue
  • Sudden & Unexpected Sickness
  • Unexpected Expense
  • Damaged or Lost Wedding Photography
  • Severe Weather Protection
  • & More!

Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

Wedding Insurance is not required, but it is a great way to feel protected on one of the most stressful days of your life! By covering your wedding, you have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy your day rather than stress about additional costs, unexpected incidents, and cancellations. There is no need to worry about your wedding photos getting deleted accidentally, your caterer failing to show or even a severe weather event inhibiting your guests’ ability to make it to your wedding.

Bogle Agency Insurance Now Provides Wedding Insurance For New Jersey Customers

Through the well known and trusted Travelers Insurance company, Bogle Agency Insurance is able to find the perfect custom Wedding Insurance Policy for your specific situation. Protect your wedding investment and enjoy one of the greatest days of your life with the Wedding Protector Plan®


Contact Bogle Agency Insurance today to discuss the various plans and coverages available.