Who Is Covered By Workers Compensation Insurance?


Builder, Contractor and Construction Insurance AgencyAs the name suggests, workers or employees are those covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. Your employer must have a Workers Compensation policy in place, and compensation is only due if the illness or injury originated while on the job. Workers Compensation Insurance covers compensation, or lost wages, when you are unable to work due to sickness or injury that occurred while you were at work. When you are hired to work in a precarious or dangerous environment it is especially wise to be sure the employer has a Workers Compensation policy in effect. Generally speaking full and part time workers are covered under Workers Compensation Insurance. Independent contractors must carry their own workers compensation policy.  Bogle Agency Insurance has answers to the question “Who Does Workers Compensation Insurance Cover?”


Is Workers Compensation Insurance a Requirement For Employers?


Any business that employs more than one person is required to have Workers Compensation Insurance. The thing for employees to remember is that the illness or injury must have occurred while at work. If you are hurt outside of work you are not covered.


Talk to a professional for Workers Compensation Information


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