Why You Need Life Insurance in NJ

One of the most compelling reasons to purchase life insurance in NJ immediately is because no one can pinpoint exactly when their demise will occur. Just as mysterious may be the reason behind an individual’s passing. However, according to a chart created by the National Security Council, the following causes of death are quite rare:

  • In 2008, the average person’s odds of dying by legal execution were 1 in 111,779, but this may become more uncommon every year, as laws are changed to ban the death penalty.
  • With a 1 in 134,906 chance of a person being fatally struck by lightning, it is a rare occurrence, but it has been known to happen.
  • Dog bites may be commonplace nowadays, but ones so severe they kill the victim are atypical. There is only a 1 in 144,899 statistical probability that you will die from a canine attack.
  • Did you know that a flood is one of the few natural disasters which could occur anywhere in the country? Considering this fact, it is surprising that the odds of dying during a flood are not greater than 1 in 558,896.
  • The rarest cause of death featured on the chart is death from fireworks discharge. Calculated to be only 1 in 652,046, this may surprise many, considering that gatherings featuring fireworks often include alcohol.

Do not allow these statistics to fool you – you have a 1 in 1 chance of dying, there is no denying that. While the day and cause may be unknown, preparing for an unexpectedly early demise by purchasing life insurance in NJ could be an essential safeguard for your family’s financial survival.