What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?


What is Covered Under Business Liability Insurance? What Isn't?Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a type of insurance that provides medical and wage benefits
to people who are injured or become ill at their job. It is mandated by the
state and the benefits vary by state. All companies that have more than one employee must have
workers’ compensation insurance. In the state of New Jersey all employers are required to have
workers’ compensation coverage for their employees.


Who and What is Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance?


Understanding who and what is covered by Workers’ Comp is important. First, to be covered by
Workers’ Compensation Insurance you must be an employee. If you are self employed, you are not
considered to be an “employee” and you have to buy your own workers’ compensation coverage.
The firm you work for must have a Workers’ Compensation policy in place. The illness or injury
must have occurred while on the job. If you work for a firm that has an unsafe environment
it is incumbent upon you to make sure there is a Workers’ Compensation policy in force.

Of course, all business owners need to know whether they need a Workers’ Compensation Insurance
policy in place. Talking to a professional insurance specialist will help you to know what type
of coverage you need.


What is Considered An Unsafe Working Environment?


When an employee is not able to perform duties because of dangerous physical conditions in the
workplace, that is considered an unsafe environment. There are many factors, but things like
exposed wiring, broken equipment, hazardous materials, or asbestos cause unsafe conditions.
Studies have found that among the most dangerous jobs in America are:

1. Fishers and related fishing workers

2. Logging

3. Airline pilots and flight engineers

4. Construction and Roofing

5. Refuse Collection and Recycling

6. Structural Iron and Steel Workers

That’s only a sampling, there are many more jobs that are performed in perilous environments.
Of course, any job can be unsafe if it is performed in unhealthy or dangerous surroundings.


Talk to an Insurance Professional about Workers’ Compensation Insurance


Whether you are an employer or an employee you need to be covered by Workers’ Compensation
Insurance. If you are an employer you need this coverage to comply with the law, as well as
to be covered for employee mishaps. If you are an employee you need the coverage to compensate
you when you are unable to work. Bogle Agency Insurance has been offering a complete line of
insurance options for employers and employees for many years. Let our knowledge and experience
serve as your guide to the coverages you need. We are ready to answer any and all questions
regarding Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Give us a call at (201) 939-1076, or drop in for a
consultation at 200 Stuyvesant Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ.