Take The Threat of Cyber Crime Seriously


Lyndhurst NJ Cyber Crime Insurance with ChubbWhile most of us are well insured against theft, fire, and automobile accidents, protection against cyber crime is often overlooked. As more and more of our lives are lived online, we should be aware of the risks that may be lurking on the internet. Cyber crime can be difficult to resolve, and it should be a concern to everyone. Internet cyber crime protection is essential. Bogle Agency Insurance offers Masterpiece Cyber Protection with Chubb to our NJ clients. This protection with Chubb offers a broad range of coverage so you can insure yourself against cyber crime.


How Does Masterpiece Cyber Protection Benefit Me?


Chubb’s Masterpiece Cyber Protection Insurance covers threats of releasing your personal information. It also protects against loss of financial security and any related expenses. Online harassment can result in job termination, discipline in school, not to mention considerable emotional stress. Cyberattacks that cause interruption of a business that you run from home are covered. Theft of personal data that results in defamation of character, or compromises yours and your family’s security are dealt with when you have this coverage. If you find yourself in the position of having to restore your online identity after a cyber attack, Chubb is able to shorten a lengthy and very stressful process. Chubb partners with crisis management firms that will benefit you by their awareness of cyber concerns. Internet crime should be a priority in our modern times.  Our goal at Bogle is to make certain you insure yourself against cyber crime


Cyber Crime Experts Offer Help


Protection against internet crime is a very real concern of Bogle Agency Insurance. This is why we offer the top notch coverage that Chubb provides with Masterpiece Cyber Protection Insurance. If you have a significant internet presence and consider online security a concern, call Bogle Agency Insurance for a consultation. We are based in Lyndhurst NJ and can be reached at (201) 939-1076.

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