Masterpiece Automobile Insurance


Lyndhurst NJ Masterpiece Automobile Insurance with Chubb


Cars are being built with more aerodynamic designs and lighter materials for greater
fuel efficiency. Technology offers better safety and entertainment features. Special
engine types such as turbo or hybrid/electric are becoming more common. All these things
also make automobiles more complex and more expensive to repair. Bogle Agency Insurance
of Lyndhurst NJ offers Masterpiece Automobile Insurance with Chubb to our Bergen and
Morris County clients. This is premier coverage with a leading carrier. Insuring
automobiles with Chubb in NJ is offered by Bogle Agency Insurance with pride.


Chubb Provides Complete Coverage


Chubb’s team of Auto Technical Specialists assure you of repairs that are in accordance
with manufacturer’s specifications, or they will cover you for a total loss. They focus
on the safety and satisfaction of clients, never on repairing a car as cheaply as possible.
If a car cannot be repaired safely according to the manufacturer’s standards, you will be
covered for a total loss. This coverage is offered for a high-end luxury vehicle or
for an every day family auto.

When it comes to claims, Chubb responds quickly and efficiently. They make the whole
process easier and work to put you back on the road as soon as possible. Insuring automobiles
with Chubb in NJ is a benefit to car owners and their families.


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Bogle Agency Insurance offers Chubb’s Masterpiece Automobile Insurance to NJ car owners.
We want to provide the most complete coverage for your automobile with a foremost carrier.

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