Masterpiece High Value Assets Insurance Protection With Chubb


Lyndhurst NJ High Value Asset Coverage With Chubb
Bogle Agency Insurance offers protection for your valuable possessions with superior coverage by Chubb. This “High Value Asset” coverage provides great service and extraordinary expertise. It is our opinion that this insurance offers premier protection for your family’s treasured assets.  Insuring High Value Assets with Chubb is to your advantage in every way.


Some Specific Things Covered By This Special Insurance


A few of the reasons for insuring your high value assets with Chubb are:

1. When evaluation of your assets is undertaken, highly qualified experts are recommended. These experts are experienced in assessing the value of artwork, antiques, rare books, jewelry and other irreplaceable items.

2. You may be buying your first home with the intention of furnishing it with unique items that are one-of-a-kind. The home may be built on a large property that will require more coverage than a standard homeowners policy would provide. We have a history of advising first-time home buyers with large assets.

3. If any of your valuable or unique assets need repelacement, experts are provided who can identify the value of such items. Inferior replacements are never offered.

4. When needed, top quality professional contractors and specialists are recommended.

5. This coverage is wide-ranging, never partial.

6. Protection against inflation is offered with this coverage.

7. If you file a claim, Chubb Claims Service is very responsive. They work swiftly to assist in any way they can. Whether the claim is for replacement of a stolen or damaged item, or because of an accident, staff supports you.


Chubb Valuable Assets Coverage Provides Protection, Support and Service


Chubb Masterpiece Valuable Asset coverage is provided to individuals or families with personal property that is more highly valued than usual. You have undoubtedly worked hard to attain a high level lifestyle and want to protect it properly. Bogle Agency Insurance offers this Chubb protection with full confidence in your satisfaction. We have long experience in dealing with people and situations like yours and offer our fullest attention. If you feel this extraordinary coverage is for you, please give us a call at (202) 939-1076 for a consultation with one of our experienced agents.

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