Is Your Home-Based Business Covered?


small business insurance bergen county njAre you planning to start a home-based business? Do you already run a business from your home and are wondering about insurance coverage? Knowing about the insurance coverage you should have for a home-based business is in your best interest. Many times when someone starts a business from home, they assume their homeowners insurance will cover it. Some new home-based business owners don’t think about insurance at all. You do want to know about insuring home-based businesses in NJ and you should be aware that homeowners insurance doesn’t always offer the necessary coverage. Bogle Agency Insurance has been helping business owners in Bergen and Morris Counties for many years and can offer sound professional advice to all new entrepreneurs.


What Kind of Insurance Does Your Home-Based Business Require?


In some cases coverage for a home-based business can be obtained by adding a rider to your homeowner’s policy. You could also opt for a home-based business insurance policy or a commercial business insurance policy. All home centered businesses do not need the same coverage. The type of protection you need depends upon the nature of the business you want to insure. The important thing to keep in mind is that business insurance protects you from claims that could destroy your business.

Your business might need coverage for the breakdown of equipment, the interruption of business, data loss, or data breach. If your business has employees you need liability insurance. The type of business you are running determines the insurance you need. Bogle Agency Insurance focuses on making certain your small business is covered by taking all of these factors into consideration when offering advice.  We know what is needed for insuring home-based businesses in NJ.


Information Is Key to Proper Protection


The team at Bogle Agency Insurance can help you learn about New Jersey business and commercial insurance. Our knowledge and experience can guide you to the protection your particular home-based business needs.

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