High Value Asset Insurance Coverage with Chubb


Lyndhurst NJ High Vale Asset Insurance with Chubb
Bogle Agency Insurance, located in Bergen County NJ is proud to offer top-of-the-line insurance with top carriers to NJ clients. One example is Personal Lines Insurance for High Value Assets with Chubb. This coverage is meant for successful families and individals with prized possessions who want the best insurance protection. This insurance covers belongings with true value and not a discounted idea of value. Chubb has always prided itself upon superior service, protection and support with real interest in evaluating and protecting your personal assets properly. Claims are reviewed and paid quickly. Chubb’s focus is in protecting you fully and responding to your needs with speed.


What Are High Value Assets?


High Value Assets are those possessions that are worth more than the average. This could mean a house or a real estate portfolio, a fine art collection, a jewelry collection, rare books, a yacht. In other words things that are valued higher and deserve more protection than the ordinary.  Personal Lines Insurance for High Value Assets with Chubb is an investment in peace of mind.


Benefits of Chubb’s High Value Asset Insurance


Bogle Agency Insurance offers this special coverage with Chubb because we believe it provides our clients with benefits. Some of those may be:

1. Superior resources for evaluating and covering property.

2. Catering to the needs of first time home buyers with insurance tailored to them.

3. Ability to identify the quality in distinctive assets, and never offering  inferior replacements.

4. High level contractors and specialists for valuation and replacement.

5. Full coverage, not half way or partial.

6. Speedy and efficient claims service.


Finding The Best Coverage For You


Bogle Agency Insurance has been helping NJ residents and businesses find the best insurance coverage for their requirements for over 100 years. This gives us knowledge, experience and flexibility in offering insurance coverage for our clients. Chubb is one of the top insurance carriers in America and at Bogle we are happy to be able to offer their products. If you feel you have valuable assets that need special coverage, give us a call at (201)39-1076 to speak with one of our knowledgeable agents.

Bogle also offers a complete line of insurance coverage for personal protection such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Automobile Insurance and even Pet Insurance. We also provide policies to businesses to protect against liability or theft with comprehensive Business Insurance.