Define Property Casualty Insurance


Lyndhurst NJ Business Property Casualty InsuranceProperty Casualty Insurance is protection for unexpected events that can lead to a disaster. This type of insurance is especially essential for businesses. Proper business insurance coverage can help a company avoid surprises and possible financial crises. All risks facing a business are not obvious so seeking the advice of a professional NJ insurance agent is good policy. Bogle Agency Insurance has longtime experience in helping NJ businesses gain all the insurance protection they need. Understanding the types of insurance necessary for your business is in your best interest. Call Bogle to discuss Business Property Casualty Insurance for your NJ business.



Some Types Of Insurance A Business Needs



A business needs several types of insurance, such as:

Worker’s Compensation – this type of insurance protects employees under state laws, provides medical care, death, disability and rehabilitation benefits for workers injured or killed while on the job.

Errors and Ommissions – this is a kind of liability insurance that protects businesses and their employees against claims of inadequate or negligent professional work.

Property Insurance – this is insurance that covers damage to buildings, their contents and loss of income caused by an event such as a fire.

Vehicle Insurance – this covers physical damage to care of commercial trucks that are owned by a business. Liability related to the use of these vehicles is also covered.

Business Interruption – this compensates for lost income during a period of repairing or restoring physical damage to property.

Umbrella – like an “umbrella” this type of coverage is meant to protect your business should it suffer a catastrophic loss. It is meant to take over when auto liability or general liability are exhausted.

The above are general kinds of Business Property Casualty Insurance that a business may need. There are other coverages, such as Product Liability Insurance for a manufacturing firm. Home based businesses may need additional coverage on their Homeowners Insurance policy. The key is to have a Business Property Casualty Insurance package that protects your NJ business.



Preparing for the Unforeseen



Business Property Casualty Insurance is meant to cover you in the event of a surprise loss. Evaluating the requirements of a particular business can save it from disaster. Bogle Agency Insurance welcomes the opportunity to build a custom Business Property Casualty package for your business. If your company is in need of Business Property Casualty coverage, give Bogle Agency Insurance a call. We can be reached at (201) 939-1076,

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